How To Ship

It's free! After we complete your sale we will e-mail or mail you a pre-paid label. Here's what to do:

1st, Factory reset your phone to remove your iCloud, Passcode and Personal Data. Your phone will have had you sign out of your iCloud, Reset it, and when done it should be at a white hello screen. (May need to be connected to wifi to reset the phone.)


2nd, Pack you phone. Bubble wrap is preferred, but packing is up to you. Put the phone in any sturdy box, which are availble for free at the post office. Make sure it will ship safely and in the condition you described. 

3rd, Print off the shipping label in your email, or wait for it in the letter. Once printed, tape it onto your box of choice. 

4th, Drop it off at your local post office, schedule a pickup, or leave it in your mailbox; that's it! 

How You Get Paid

As soon as we can get the phone and confirm the condition, you'll be paid immediately through the PayPal you provided. So basically, you get paid as fast as it can be shipped! It's easy to make a PayPal account if you don't have one; contact us if you need help.

What paid-off/unlocked means:

What is paid off? It simply means the phone has been paid all the way off and you owe no bills to the carrier. We buy them either way, but at very different prices. If the phone has been paid off and unlocked, we're good to go! If it's been paid off but not unlocked, please contact your carrier and have it unlocked, otherwise we have to buy it as an unpaid phone. If you submit a phone as paid off but we check and see it's not unlocked, we'll give you an offer for it unpaid and ask you to unlock it first and resubmit it to get an offer for it as a paid off phone. 

How To Factory Reset Your Phone

Factory resetting your phone clears off all of your personal data and resets it back to the factory settings, like it was brand-new. It's easy to do, here's how:

1st, Go into your phones settings, then to "General", scroll down and click "Reset", then click "Erase All Content and Settings".

2nd, It'll ask if you would like to backup your phone then erase the data. If you'd like to, back it up now. If not, click erase now.

3rd, type in what it prompts you to; Generally your iCloud password and Phones passcode. 

That's it!   (Note: You may need to be connected to wifi to reset your phone.)

Any more questions? 



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