How To Sell With Buttons

Find your device on our website. Make sure the model/specifications match exactly, otherwise we may have to return it to you.

Next answer a few questions about the condition and functionality of your device. Make sure to answer as accurately as you can so we get you the right price.

If you want to accept your quote just complete the process and let us know your payment details. Shipping is FREE, we'll email AND mail you your pre-paid label. Mail your device as soon as convenient; the faster you send it the faster you'll get paid!

Once we receive your device we'll inspect it and pay you the SAME DAY we receive it! We'll call you to confirm, and send it to your listed payment method. 



Note: If your device does not arrive in the condition you described, we'll give you adjusted offer. You'll have 3 days to decline/accept the offer. If you decline the offer we'll send your device back free of charge and cover the shipping, never any risk/cost to you.

With Buttons it's done easy, and we get you paid faster than anyone else! Here's how to do it:


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